• Public transport:

    Trolleybuses # 1, 2
    Buses # 4, 5, 12, 14, 17, 20, 21, 22, 29

  • Location:

    City Centre

  • Nearby:

    Museum of Industrial History of Petrozavodsk, National Museum of the Republic of Karelia, Media Centre "Exit"

Park of Onega Tractor Plant is located in the natural topographic low between Karl Marx Avenue and the river of Lososinka. Since the late 18th century this place was used to be a sand quarry, then it was a waste disposal site of Alexandrovsky factory. Since the late 19th century the territory of modern park was used as a winter street market.

In 1934 at the time of public landscaping and infrastructure development the park was laid out here. It was by the architect V. P. Yakovlev. The new park has become a good example of landscape reclamation - transformation of the industrial territory in the  recreation area.

The area of the Park is hectares. 48 woody cultures are growing in the park today. There are Species of the Eurasian, Japanese-Chinese and North American floras.