• Public transport:

    Buses # 4, 23, 27

  • Location:

    Solomennoe District

  • Nearby:

    Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, Botanic Garden of Petrozavodsk State University, Sports and recreation centre "Gorka"

Devil's chair - the tract, a geological monument of nature, located in the south-eastern slope of Mount Big Vaara - former volcano. Located in the city of Petrozavodsk, district of Solomennoye, on the east coast of Petrozavodsk Bay of Onega Lake.

The landmark Devil’s Chair is located in the Solomennoe residential area. It used to be a distant settlement. The Karelian natural monument is on the east lakeside of the Petrozavodsk Bay of Onega Lake at the edge ofBolshaya (Big) Vaara Mountain. That geological formation looks like a huge chair indeed. Its “back” is over 100 meters high. From the “seat” of Devil's Chair one has a picturesque view over the lake and the opposite Onega lakeside. The “seat” is a ground over the cliff of 80 meters high.

The landmark Devil’s Chair was formed as a result of volcanic activity that hit Karelia two billion years ago. There was an active volcano at the area of future Solomennoe. While hardening, the lava made up that huge chair which later got its figurative name unit.

The landmark is interesting both in the context of geology and phytology. One might discover some species of plants untypical of Karelia. They are a desert species of Ruysha dragon’s head, wild marjoram, chive, bird's-nest fern and some others. In spring and summertime, the rocks are covered with a carpet made of thyme, golden tuft, trinity violet and red German catchfly. That was the reason why in 1959, the Botanic garden of the Petrozavodsk university was established there. Therefore, the Devil’s Chair can tell a lot both about the nature of Karelia and its history.

Photo: Andrew Mezentsev