First Russian Spa Resort "Marcial Waters"

  • Address:

    Kondopoga region, settlement Marcial Waters

  • Phone:

     8 (8142) 78-89-92

The first Russian spa resort founded by Peter the I in 1719 on mineral springs  – Marcial Waters - is situated 54 km North of Petrozavodsk on the territory of Kondopoga region, 54 km to the north of Petrozavodsk.

Peter I visited it several times with his family and court nobles for treatment. At the time of the first visit of Peter the Great there were built three wooden palaces (hence the original name of the village - Dvortsi (Eng.: Palaces) for the royal family and a large building with 20 rooms with a dirt room, connected by a corridor with the mineral springs. Since that time glandular sources called "Marcial waters" in honor of Mars - god of war and iron.

On 22 March 1946 it was created the Museum of the history of the first Russian spa "Marcial waters" on the basis of the preserved church buildings and pavilions.

Cognitive tourism can be easily combined with wellness in the modern spa resort "Marcial Waters", which was opened in 1964, is the largest in the North medical complex, which has its own therapeutic mud, physiotherapy and other departments.

Getting there

There is a regular bus connecting Petrozavodsk and Marcial Waters (tickets can be bought on the bus station). You can also visit Marcial Waters as a part of tourist group or on your own by car.

Phone: 8 (8142) 78-89-92, 8 (8142) 78-42-17
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