Travel guide

In the city

Modern Petrozavodsk is a multifaceted and diverse city. It is interesting for its architecture and art, international festivals and sporting events, active, cultural and educational programs. The tourism industry in the city is developing dynamically. There are a lot of new cafes and restaurants, hotels and entertainment centers offering a modern service.

The cultural sphere of the city is not behind the processes occurring in the economy and public life too. Museums, theatres, cultural and entertainment centers follow up with time and widely use new technologies.

Petrozavodsk is the center of a multinational republic: there are many ethnic bands of Karelian, Vepsian, Ingrian cultures.

Around the city

Petrozavodsk has a convenient location nearby the main sights of the Republic of Karelia: the Kizhi island, the Kivach waterfall, the first Russian resort "Marcial waters", ethnographic villages and many other interesting places. Most tours in the Republic starts from Petrozavodsk. Sightseeing tours, event tourism, business travel, outdoor leisure — Karelia offers you all these activities!

In 2014 the Republic of Karelia was found the best place for active tourism in Russia by the vote of the oldest Russian Tourist Award “Zvezda”. Active tourism in Karelia can strengthen the health and provide a good opportunity to experience the full flavor of the region as well. Rafting, acquaintance with sledge dogs Husky, quad bike and snowmobile tours and many others - all these activities are located about 20 km from Petrozavodsk. There are a lot of active tours at any time of the year!