The National Theatre of the Republic of Karelia

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    The ensemble of Cathedral square, Monument to S.M.Kirov , The State Puppet Theatre of the Republic of Karelia

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The first national repertory company at the public drama theatre directed by Victor Linded started their work in March 1921. In the 1930s, theatre workers K.Sevander, A.Sandelin and R.Nustrem established a National Studio at the Karelian State Drama Theatre.

By the autumn of 1932, the repertory company directed by K.Sevander joined in with some drama college leavers and the Finnish Drama Theatre was established. Such plays as “Razlom” by B.Lavrenev, “Platon Krechet” by A.Korneichuk and “The Enemies” by M.Gorky were the most popular ones at that time.

During the Great Patriotic War the theatre had to leave Petrozavodsk but the repertory company kept on performing. First they performed in Siberia and then in the town of Velsk in the Arkhangelsk Region.

During the war the theatre was directed by art director N.Demidov. He was a Moscow director and educator and he used to be one of K.S.Stanislavsky’s students.

In 1947-1949, such plays as “The Women of Niskavuori” by H.Vuoliioki, “The Young Miller” by M.Lassila and “The Son of the Fisherman” by V.Lacis were put on the stage.

In 1949, a novel by E.Green called “The Southern Wind” was dramatized at the theatre. The authors of the performance won the USSR State Prize in 1950.

Initially, the theatre was located in Gogol Street. In 1965, the building of the Triumph Theatre located in Kirov Square was reconstructed according to the design by S.G.Brodsky. The Finnish Theatre moved in that building.

The theatre is proud of its talented actors and actresses such as USSR People's Artiste Elizaveta Tomberg, Russian People's Artistes Darya Karpova, Toivo Romppainen, Yurie Humppi and Toivi Lankinen.

In 1991, the State Finnish Drama Theatre was renamed as the State National Theatre of the Republic of Karelia.

On June 24, 2003, the main stage of the theatre was opened. The reconstruction had taken eight years and at present the stage has the most up-to-date light and sound equipment.

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Phone: 8 (8142) 78-26-74