The Museum of Pre-Cambrian Geology

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    Buses # 19,25,29,5
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    City Centre

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    National Library of the Republic of Karelia , Monument to A.S.Pushkin

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The Museum of Pre-Cambrian Geology was founded on the 18th of May, 1961. The Museum constitutes the body of the Institution of Geology of the Scientific Centre of Russian Academy of Science. The Museum collections are formed on the basis of the examples founded in the expeditions around Karelia. The museum has about 3500 items, the exhibition is presented in two halls.

Museum excursions:
- Excursion in the Museum of Pre-Cambrian Geology;
- Geology and mineral resources of Karelia;
- Geological time and the evolution of life on Earth;
- The world of Minerals;
- Semiprecious stone;
- Excursions for the geologists and students of geological faculties.

Working hours: 11.00-17.00
Days off: Sat, Sun (at any time on application)
Address: Pushkinskaya Street, 11
Phone: (8142) 78-34-71