Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Karelia

The Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Karelia was opened in 1960. It had taken a long time to establish it. Yet in 1930es the local people and the authorities agreed that Petrozavodsk needed a museum of Fine Arts. In June 1945, the chief of the Department of Old Russian Painting of the Tretyakov Gallery N.E.Mneva and an Art Conservator of the State Central Art Association V.G.Brusova arrived in Petrozavodsk at the direction of the Head Department for the preservation of monuments and academician I.E.Grabar. As a result of their work, a museum of Fine Arts was established in Petrozavodsk. Initially, the Karelian State Museum shared its holdings with the Museum.

The Museum occupies the oldest town building. It was built in 1788-1790 and initially housed Petrozavodsk Central public school. Since 1808, it housed the Province gymnasium. Such famous representatives of science and culture as poet V.G.Benediktov, linguist F.F.Fortunatov, artist V.D.Polenov, actor N.N.Hodotov and many others studied there.

At present, the museum collection has more than 12 thousand pieces of art. Russian Art is represented by works of such famous Russian artists as F.Rokotov, F.Shubin, I.Aivazovsky, I.Kramskoy, V.Makovsky, I.Shishkin, V.Polenov, I.Levitan, K.Korovin and A.Benua.

Works inspired by the “Kalevala” Epos is a special part of the museum collection. Karelian art is represented by a great number of works by such artists as V.Popov, S.Yuntunen, L.Lankinen, G.Stronk, B.Pomortsev, A.Avdishev and T.Yufa.

There is a small collection of the European Fine Art of the 17-19th centuries. The Museum arranges numerous exhibitions both in Russia and abroad.

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