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    Buses #12,14,17,20,21,26,29,4,5
    Trolleybuses #1,2

  • Location:

    City Centre

  • Nearby:

    Building of the hotel “Severnaya”, Petrozavodsk State University, The ensemble of administrative buildings

In 1997 a big event took place in the cultural life of the Karelian capital – the city administration department for Culture opened the exhibition hall in building #26 in Lenin prospect. In 2001 after reorganization, it got the status of the municipal institution of culture named “City exhibition hall”. Since then, the exhibition hall has become one of the most respectable and popular exhibition grounds in Petrozavodsk. Once a month, sometimes more often, a new exhibition is opened here. As a rule, the displays include paintings, graphics, photography works, and sculptures. In addition, the exhibition hall provides space for ethnographical exhibitions, which introduce traditional crafts of Karelian people and for displays of children’s artwork. The major part of the presentations, however, features personal and group exhibitions of professional painters of Karelia.

One of the most important areas of work of the city exhibition hall is the acquaintance of local people with the contemporary art of foreign countries. The works of painters from Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, and even from Faeroes we displayed there. The exhibition hall also facilitated a number of international events featuring the work of artists from Denmark, Italy, Japan, Germany, Great Britain, France, Spain, and the USA. The exhibition hall takes special pride in “Aquabiennale” – the international project, which brings the works of the best water color painters from different parts of Russia and foreign countries to Petrozavodsk every other year.

The exhibition hall also offers a variety of chamber music concert, poetic events, and music programs in cooperation with Petrozavodsk Conservatory.

Working hours:
Tue-Fri: 12.00-19.00
Mon: day off
Аdress: Lenin Ave., 26
Phone: 8 (8142) 78-16-50
Web: gvz-ptz.ru