R. Shchedrin "Anna Karenina"

Choreographer - Kirill Simonov
Production Designer - Emil Kapelusch (St. Petersburg)
Costume Designer  - Stefanija von Grawrog (St. Petersburg)
Lighting Design - Alexander Mustonen (Finland)
Video Artist - Alexander Komarov (St. Petersburg)
Acting technique and scenic speech consultant - Marina Pereleshina (Moscow) 

"For me, this ballet - first of all, is the direct experience of Anna's tragedy  by  two great people - Rodion Shchedrin and Maya Plisetskaya. The composer created a ballet for her. So the written music is very targeted, written very sensitively, with great care and respect for the heroine. In the score of the ballet there is no translation of the novel, there  is the greatest complexity of Anna’s character, written by Tolstoy and repeatedly amplified by music. Condition  between dream  and reality, mental confusion, close to faint, heroine’s distress of soul, her collisions - all this becomes  major in Shchedrin’s music and we mark it as  basic themes in our production "(Kirill Simonov).