August 3-7 - International festival of traditional shipbuilding and shipping "Kizhi regatta"

From 3 to 7 of August open air museum Kizhi holds one of the brightest events on Kizhi island - the International festival of traditional shipbuilding and shipping "Kizhi regatta." Activities include excursions, educational activities, traditional shipbuilding, rowing and sailing workshops, competitions, folk games for children, demonstration of building and launching a new boat. The festival has been held for 17 years and became well-known nationwide. Visitors come from all over Karelia, as well as other regions of Russia, and from abroad.

Key dates: 5-6 of August.

5 of August: Shipbuilding competition “Folk boat” will present traditional boats that are constructed using ancient technologies. Competing ships are exhibited in the “Kizhi harbor” located on the south end of the island near the house of peasant Sergeev.

6 of August: The race of traditional and modern boats, including “kizhanka”, a 6-9 m long boat with 1-2 masts widely used in Karelia up until the end of XX century.
Festive activities include a fair, live demonstration of traditional crafts, various workshops, the pavilion "Kizhi ihtiocentre", where you can observe the fish that inhabit the waters of Lake Onega.
Live-action reconstruction of a marine battle will be organized by Petrozavodsk club of traditional shipbuilding and navigation "Polar Odyssey", "People of the Sea" and Kondopoga fencing and sailing club "Midshipman". On this show you get a chance to see Peter’s the Great guardsmen taking Swedish ships “Gedan” and “Asrtild” in the battle on Neva in 1703.
Folklore-ethnographic ensemble of the Kizhi museum and international shanti-chore of ship “Mir” from St.-Petersburg will perform on stage. The concert programme consists of Russian folk songs, traditional sea songs in Russian and English in the genre of shanti. In addition, guests of the festival will hear an unusual musical instrument - sounding boat or "Lodkastrun".

The festival is an entertaining way to attract younger generation to the historical and cultural heritage of their country and bring attention to preserving traditional shipbuilding and shipping.

We look forward to welcoming you to Kizhi!