Petrozavodsk – port of five seas.

The capital and the biggest city of the Republic of Karelia is situated in the North West of Russia on the bank of the second largest fresh water lake in Europe – Lake Onego. Thanks to the system of rivers, lakes and canals the capital of Karelia has access to the Baltic, White, Barents, Caspian and Black Seas. That is why Petrozavodsk is often called the port of five seas.

Petrozavodsk is connected with the other cities of Russia by the motor, railway, air and water traffic. Oktyabrskaya railway road and motorway “Kola” connect Petrozavodsk with Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Murmansk and Leningrad Oblast.

The distance from Petrozavodsk to Saint Petersburg is 412 km, to Moscow 1091 km, while neighboring Finland is in 350 km by the motorway “Blue Highway”.